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What are the components of the laser welding machine from PES LASER

Jun 08, 2021

With the continuous improvement of people's technological requirements, traditional welding can no longer meet the needs of customers. The emergence of a new generation of laser welding machines has promoted the development of welding technology.However, many people are still not clear about the components of the laser welding machine. Let me explain which components are needed for the fiber laser welding machine.

1. Laser source

The quality of the laser determines the quality of the handheld laser welding machine.

We choose the advanced fiber laser, he service life is more than 10w hours, the energy consumption is small, the failure rate is low, the flexible optical fiber is up to 10-15m, flexible and convenient, can be outdoor welding, and equipped with a rigid protective layer.


Using high-performance military microcontroller as the main control device, it has the characteristics of beautiful structure, high reliability and strong anti-interference. The whole machine is compact in structure, small in size and high in mechanical strength. The refrigeration effect is good, and the efficiency is high.

3. Welding head

To solve the limitation of the stroke space of the workbench, the front positioning head made of copper can be replaced, the focusing head can be telescopic and focusing, and the rear protective tube sleeve ensures line safety.

Touch switch control, optional swing range, large gap can be easily welded, dead weight <1.5kg, good hand feeling.

Optional automatic wire feeding, wire feeding thickness is optional, speed is adjustable, the gun head is moved by the ribbon to advance at a uniform speed, and the welding seam is uniform and accurate.

The welding gun is equipped with 5 kinds of copper nozzles to realize 4 kinds of functions. The five types of copper nozzles are: flat fillet welding nozzle, internal fillet welding nozzle, external fillet welding nozzle, cutting nozzle and filler wire nozzles.

4. Wire feeder

The feeding speed is 0-1000mm/min. The customer can also customize the speed. The repeatability error of the wire feeding is less than ± 5%. The product has the function of continuous and intermittent feeding of wire , while the frequency and dutyfactor of the intermittent feeding can be adjusted.

Welding wire made of stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum can all be fed.

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