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  • Welding process: generation and avoidance of bubbles
    Dec 01, 2023 Welding process: generation and avoidance of bubbles
    Why do pores appear? The inside of the laser welding hole is in an unstable vibration state. The flow of the hole and the molten pool is very violent. The metal vapor inside the hole erupts outward, causing a steam vortex at the opening of the hole, which draws the protective gas (Ar) into it. At the bottom of the hole, as the hole moves forward, these protective gases will enter the molten pool in the form of bubbles. Due to the extremely low solubility of Ar and the rapid cooling rate of laser welding, the bubbles have no time to escape and are retained in the weld, forming pores. Also caused by poor protection. During the welding process, nitrogen invades the molten pool from the outside. The solubility of nitrogen in liquid iron is very different from the solubility of nitrogen in solid iron, so during the cooling and solidification process of the metal. Since the solubility of nitrogen decreases with the decrease of temperature, when the molten pool metal cools to start to crystallize, the solubility will drop sharply and suddenly. At this time, a large amount of gas will precipitate to form bubbles. If the floating speed of the bubbles is less than the metal crystallization speed, a bubble will form. pores. Laser fusion welding method to suppress pores 1. Suppress the generation of welding pores through appropriate pre-welding surface treatment methods Pre-welding surface treatment is an effective method to control metallurgical pores in aluminum alloy laser welds. Usually surface treatment methods include physical and mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. After comparison, the process of chemically treating the test plate surface (metal cleaning agent cleaning-water washing-alkali washing-water washing-acid washing-water washing-drying) is the best. Among them, alkali washing uses 25% NaOH (sodium hydroxide) aqueous solution to remove the surface thickness of the material, and pickling uses 20% HNO3 (nitric acid) + 2% HF (hydrogen fluoride) aqueous solution to neutralize the residual alkali solution. The surface of the test plate shall be welded within 24 hours after treatment. If the test plate stays for a long time after treatment, it must be wiped with absolute alcohol before assembly before welding. 2. Suppress the generation of welding pores by adjusting welding process parameters The formation of weld pores is not only related to the surface treatment quality of the weldment, but also related to the welding process parameters. The influence of welding parameters on weld pores is mainly reflected in the weld penetration, that is, the impact of the weld back width ratio on pores. The weld back width ratio refers to the ratio of the weld penetration to the weld width. It can be seen from the test that when the back width ratio of the weld seam R>0.6, the concentrated distribution of chain pores in the weld can be effectively improved. When the back width ratio R>0.8, the existence of large pores in the weld can be effectively...
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  • How to use memory card to upgrade and flash screen?
    Nov 07, 2023 How to use memory card to upgrade and flash screen?
    Please carefully read the precautions when swiping your card. Abnormal operations may cause abnormal card swiping. 1. Preparation of SD card 1.1 Preparation of SD card: Please be sure to use a card below 16G. Different displays use different cards, as shown in the following figure: 1.2 Card formatting: After connecting to the computer through the card reader, right-click to format the card. Please note that in the format selection, the allocation unit size is 4096 bytes. Do not use quick format. 1.3 Obtaining the program: take a picture of the code in any place as shown in the picture below. After sending this code to our company's after-sales technical group, we will provide the matching program package in time. 1.4 Put the entire decompressed DWIN_SET folder (it may also be another named folder) into the memory card (please ask our company for related program packages) 2. Screen refresh process 2.1 Insert the SD card with the program into the card slot of the screen when the system is powered off. Power on and wait for automatic flashing. When "END" appears at the end of the second line, power off. 2.2 Continue to power on, wait for the 2023.06.30 value to appear on the first line, and then wait for "END" to appear on the second line 2.3 Power off and remove the card (Be sure to complete the 2.2 operation before flashing is complete. You can flash several more times)
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  • Selection of copper nozzle welding wire gas and confirmation of focus
    Oct 09, 2022 Selection of copper nozzle welding wire gas and confirmation of focus
    I. The use of copper nozzles The classification of copper nozzles is mainly distinguished: whether to feed wire, the size of the welding wire, the welding angle, as shown in the figure above, for an example, the inner corner wire feeding welding 1.0 welding wire uses AS-12 cooper nozzle. II. Selection of welding wire Depending on the differences of the welding plate, we need to use different welding wires (gas-protected solid cored welding wires) Stainless steel = stainless steel welding wire  e.g. ER304 Carbon steel / galvanized sheet = iron wire Aluminum = aluminum wire(As for aluminum welding wires, we recommend using more than 5 series of series of alloy aluminum. Because its hardness is high and not easy to get stuck.) III. Gas selection ①There are two kinds of easily seen nitrogen or argon. As for welded stainless steel, we recommend using nitrogen because that welding effect is better. But be sure do not use mixed gas or nitrogen dioxide gas. ②Air pressure requirements: the flow meter is not less than 15, and the pressure gauge is not less than 3 IV. focus Usually, 0 joule welding is used (0 of the scale tube does not mean that the focus is 0, which is affected by the laser. So we’d better be subject to the actual situation)
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    Thank you for choosing PES fiber laser welding machihne. This User Guide provides important safety,operation, warranty and other information. Please read it carefully before you use this product. In orderto ensure safe operation and optimal performance of the product, please follow the warnings, cautions,operating procedures and other instructions accordingly. Symbols Used in this User Guide WARNING: Refers to a potential hazard that may lead to a personal injury or death. CAUTION: Refers to potential a hazard that may lead to a minor personal injury or product damage. Laser Classification This series of lasers are classified as a high power Class 4 laser instrument according to the European Community standards EN 60825-1, clause 9.This product emits invisible laser radiation at or around a wavelength of 1080 nm, and the total light power radiated from the optical output is greater than 100W~2000W (depending on model). Direct or indirect exposure of this level of light intensity may cause damage to the eyes or skin. Despite the radiation being invisible, the beam may cause irreversible damage to the retina and/or cornea. Appropriate and approved laser safety eyewear must be worn all the time while the laser is operating WARNING: You must use appropriate laser safety eyewear when this device is operating. The laser safety eyewear is selected according to the range of wavelengths emitted from this product. The end user must ensure that the laser safety eyewear being used protects against light emitted by the device over its entire range of wavelengths. Please verify that the personal protective equipment (e.g. enclosures, viewing windows or viewports, eyewear, etc.) being utilized is adequate for the output powerand wavelength ranges listed on the product. Safety Labels These safety labels include warning labels, apertures through which laser radiation isemitted and labels of certification and identification,etc. Specifications of these labels are as follows: 1.Aperture Label 2.Class 4 Laser Product 3.Class 2M Laser Product Label for Guide Laser 4. CE Compliance 5. Identification Plate 6.Laser Radiation Hazard 7.Electrical Hazard Optical Safety Any dust on the end of the collimator assembly can burn the lens and damage the laser. CAUTION: If the output of the device is delivered through a lens withan anti-reflection coating, make sure that the lens is of good quality and clean. Electrical Safety (1) Make sure your product is grounded through the PE line of the AC power cord. The grounding must be firm and reliable WARNING: Any interruption from the protective earth will electrify the enclosure, which may result in personal injury. (2) Make sure that the correct voltage of the AC power source is used. CAUTION: Failure to connect the correct voltage could damage the product. There are no operator serviceable parts inside, so do not try to remove covers, or electrical shock may be caused, and warranty will be void. Other Safety Rules (1) Never look di...
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