Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine
  • Welding Head Problem:  how to solve light weakening
    Feb 16, 2022 Welding Head Problem: how to solve light weakening
    Performance: The light is very strong at first, and gradually weakens, resulting the wire can not be fused or sparks at the brass nozzle Cause Analysis: In general, the lens of the welding gun is damaged, including but not limited to protective mirror, focusing, collimation, and reflection. Any one or more of these damages can cause this to occur First replace the protective lens and look at the focus, then check the reflection and collimation, and replace the damaged lens In addition, check whether the laser fiber head part is dirty or damaged Troubleshooting: Replace damaged lenses
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  • The protective lens is burnt
    Mar 17, 2022 The protective lens is burnt
    Performance: In a short period of time, the protective lens is damaged and there is a burning spot, and the light-emitting surface of the protective lens is dotted with damaged spots, showing black or white black spots Cause Analysis: Due to the influence of process/method/setting, etc., the anti-slag causes damage, and very few are abnormal laser light output Solution ①Appropriately increase the air pressure. Usually, the flow rate is not less than 15, and the pressure is not less than 0.3-0.6Mpa ②When welding, try to weld the welding gun and the plate at 30-70°, not vertical ③Set the parameters as much as possible to slowly rise and fall, such as the on/off delay of 200-500ms, the on/off optical power 20%, and the on/off progressive time 200-300ms, as shown in the figure, you cannot set 0 ④When welding aluminum and galvanized sheets, this material will damage the lens more easily than other materials, so the minimum power should be used for welding. ⑤The quality of the protective mirror also determines the durability of its use. It is recommended to use the original lens ⑥At high power, the loss of the lens will increase compared to low power, which is an uncontrollable range ⑦When the above cannot be handled, you can replace the F200 focusing lens + lengthened and wide scale tube to reduce splashes (additional purchase is required)
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  •  Wire feeder problem: Wire jam
    Apr 18, 2022 Wire feeder problem: Wire jam
    Performance: Rear wire blocking between wire feeding wheels Cause analysis: Due to the high resistance after this structure, it is impossible to feed wire and get stuck in the wire feeding wheel. The resistance problem should be solved Solution ① Improvement of wire feeding structure The longer the wire feed pipe is, the greater the resistance will be. Therefore, use a shorter wire feed pipe as far as possible, such as 0.8 welding wire matching 3M wire feed pipe During welding, straighten the wire feed pipe as far as possible without distortion In addition, when the wire is blocked, properly leak out part of the wire feed pipe ② Improvement of welding wire material For stainless steel and iron wire, there is almost no need to optimize, but for aluminum wire, we recommend using at least 5 series of aluminum alloy welding wire, which will have higher hardness ③ If the above improvement is still stuck, replace the wire feed pipe
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  • Treatment of welding joint problems: Abnormal treatment of air outlet but unable to feed wire
    Apr 11, 2022 Treatment of welding joint problems: Abnormal treatment of air outlet but unable to feed wire
    Operation logic: The wire feeder is connected to the 5 / 6 pin of the signal interface 2 of the control box through the two core plug signal wire at the tail. When the system is running, the 5 / 6 pin is connected after the built-in relay on the main board of the control box is pulled in, and the wire feeder starts to work (i.e. the 5 / 6 pin is controlled on and off) In case of outgassing but no wire feeding: Let's first decide whether there is a problem with the control of the wire feeder Click [manual wire feeding] on the front panel of the wire feeder to check whether the wire feeding wheel is running 1. The wire feeder does not work, and there is a problem with the wire feeder itself 2. Continue to operate the wire feeder according to the following operation According to its operation logic, we first short-circuit the signal line of the wire feeder, pull it out from pin 5 / 6 and then short-circuit the signal line (not pin 5 / 6) Then there are two situations 1. If the wire feeder operates, it can be determined that the wire feeder is OK and the 5 / 6 pin of the system control board is wrong 2. If the wire feeder does not operate, it can be judged that the signal line is open circuit and the signal line can be checked The following is the first case. The problem of pin 5 / 6 of signal interface 2 of control board is handled Operation logic of control card: When the system is running, the 3 / 4 pin of signal interface 2 outputs 24V, the 5 / 6 pin is connected, and the two groups of signals are synchronized (excluding setting delay) The wire feeding signal (pin 5 / 6) has a built-in jump cap (J10 * j11). By default, the jump cap uses a relay to control the on-off at 1 / 2 (as shown in the figure below). If the jump cap is at 2 / 3, MOS is used to control the on-off Exception handling scheme: If the system is running, after the 3 / 4 pin outputs 24V (i.e. air outlet state), but the 5 / 6 pin is blocked, try to put the jump cap at 2 / 3 and choose to use MOS control Please note that if MOS control is used, the two signal lines are distinguished by ± 2. Therefore, if you use MOS control and there is an abnormality (direct wire feeding or no wire feeding), replace the signal lines When the MOS cannot be used, the external relay (DC24V) can be used to control the pull in or replace the board The signal sent by the external 4 / 4 pin of the relay is defined as follows (The normally open pin of relay is used for two core signal of wire feeder)
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  • Treatment of welding joint problems: Intermittent clearance
    Mar 24, 2022 Treatment of welding joint problems: Intermittent clearance
    Performance: In the welding state, the clearance is intermittent, and the wire feeding / air outlet is intermittent. Cause analysis: Loss of trigger button signal or safety lock signal Solution According to its operation logic, only when [laser trigger signal] and [safety lock signal] are valid, the light will come out (the laser state is normal), and there is no alarm on the home page. When the light is intermittent, check the above two signals through the monitoring page, which will disappear. For the disappeared signals, do the next step of monitoring. If both signals are present ① Safety lock signal disappears Clamp the safety lock clip directly on the scale tube to see if it is normal. If it is normal, it may be due to the plate. Some plates such as rust or oil stain will lead to poor contact. ② Trigger button signal disappears Try to press and hold the trigger button hard. If the signal flashes, there may be poor contact of the trigger button. Replace the trigger button (new and old models are not common).
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  • Handling of welding joint problems: LCD screen is abnormal
    Apr 26, 2022 Handling of welding joint problems: LCD screen is abnormal
    Definition of wiring between display and main control board V/G: provide 24V power supply, where V represents 24V + and G represents 0V R/T: transmission, transmission and reception of data without cross First check the communication between the display and the main control board, and then check whether the programs of the display and the main control board match. Check the system version through the monitoring page. If three groups of numbers are completely displayed and the authorization duration is displayed, there is no problem with communication, as shown in the figure below: In case of communication failure, check whether the wiring is correct and whether the interface is loose If there is no problem in communication and the data cannot be operated or saved, the program version may be wrong. Take photos of the monitoring interface and send it to our after-sales service. Method of brushing program.‍
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  • Hand held welding: SUP20S Focus lens replacement
    Jun 02, 2022 Hand held welding: SUP20S Focus lens replacement
    Be careful: 1. Please pay attention to the site environment during replacement. It is recommended to dismantle it and replace it in offices and other places with better environment 2. The focus convex face is downward (i.e. towards the protective mirror after installation) 安装图示 Steps: 1. Remove the four screws of the focusing cap 2. Screw a screw onto the focusing lens base to take out the focusing lens base 3. Rotate the pressure ring and take it out 4. Replace the focusing lens (the convex surface faces down, i.e. towards the protective mirror after installation) 5. Put back the focusing lens base and install the cap (anti stupidity design, inserted reversely and not in place)
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  • Handheld laser: SUP20S/C Collimator replacement
    Jun 08, 2022 Handheld laser: SUP20S/C Collimator replacement
    Be careful: 1. Please pay attention to the site environment during replacement 2. The collimating convex surface faces outward (i.e. the plane after installation faces the direction of optical fiber) I Disassembly of components 1. Remove the side cover plate and the motor tail terminal 2. Remove the QBH part (there is a Jimmy screw every 120 ° and pull out the QBH after loosening it) 3. Use 2.5 Jimmy screws to remove the connecting screws (as shown in the figure) 4. Remove the button and disassemble it II. Lens replacement If there is no disassembly tool, use a vernier caliper to remove the locking ring clockwise. Precautions and placement 1. Locking ring - small ring - collimator - large ring 2. The plane of the collimator faces the light facing surface, i.e. upward in figure ③ below 3. Place it as shown in figure ③ during installation, and then take the collimator seat cover 4. If it is not easy to cover from top to bottom, use textured paper to fix the red part in the figure 5. Restore the installation
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