Handheld Laser Welding Machine Cost
  • Build-in Industrial Chiller
    Features Failure alarm protection, active output failure signal when the machine fails Closed water tank or open water tank, add water and drain (if the water volume is not enough, the water level line indicates or automatic alarm) Fast water filling The small water pipe is inserted into the bucket and press the switch to automatically fill in water Real-time temperature monitoring and display Water flow display Using self-developed controller with multi-function setting, The unit is equipped with high and low pressure protection, compressor overload protection, flow rate protection, In the unit, circuit board protection, fan overload protection, water pump protection, Easy to replace accessories, common accessories Parameter Model BY-LW1000 BY-LW1500 BY-LW2000 Remarks 1P 1.5P 2P Power 220V/50/60HZ(AC) 220V/50/60HZ(AC) 220V/50/60HZ(AC) Pump power 550W 550W 550W Max.pump lift 49L/min Compressor power 2100W 2100W 2100W Fan power 150W 150W 150W 1400rpm/min Total power 2800W 2800W 2800W Water tank volume 15L 18L 18L Refrigerant R22 R22 R22 volume 830x490x470 830x490x470 830x490x470 weight 82kg 83kg 85kg Cooling capacity 2700w 3600w 5200w

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