Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

4th generation welding gun introduction

Jun 03, 2021

Today lets talk about the fourth-generation welding gun of the fiber laser welding machine. It has 6 wobble welding modes, one cutting mode, and it can also clean the weld (small area).

Let us first understand the assembly parts of the welding torch:


Nozzle: Customer can change the corresponding nozzle according to different welding processes, and can twist the copper nozzle to adjust the focal length, and the adjustable range of the focal position is ±15mm.


Wire feeding device: lightweight bend wire feeding structure, wire feeding Angle position can be adjusted conveniently.


Trachea interface: protective gas inlet.


Lead signal line: it is communicated with copper nozzles. When welding, contact with iron plate ground wire will produce a circuit, which plays a role of safety protection.


Protective lens mounting port: the protective lens is equipped with water-cooled structure, so the protective lens can last longer. It is recommended to wipe the dust of protective lens once a day with alcohol-free cotton swab.


Circulating water channel: cold water circulating structure is used to cool the reflector and gun body.


LCD: used to show whether the parameters and signal state set by the system are normal.


Gun handle: aluminum a process, light and light grip comfortable.

After changing the structure of head and the position of the trigger button, it can be

used for both left and right hands.


QBH protective cover: connect with the laser end, pay attention to cleaning during installation to avoid dust entering the gun body.

Next time, we will introduce the 6 wobble welding modes of the fourth-generation welding gun. In the days to come, PES LASER will also launch more advanced laser welding equipment according to customer requirements.

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