Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding system based on collaborative robot

Apr 02, 2024

#laserwelding #laserweldingmachine #cobotlaserweldingsystem

Welding technology is an indispensable industrial technical means in the mechanical processing industry and plays an important role in my country's rapidly developing economic construction. In the process of welding, under normal circumstances, the welder is required to have skilled operating skills, rich practical experience, and stable welding level. Welding is a job with poor working conditions, a lot of dust, large heat radiation, and high risk. A large amount of smoke and dust will be generated during the welding process, most of which is harmful and will cause great harm to the health of workers. The emergence of traditional laser welding robots has, to a certain extent, automated the welding process of large-volume products, but it cannot effectively adapt to flexible welding application scenarios of multiple types and small batches.


In order to make up for the shortcomings faced by traditional laser welding robots, expand safer, more flexible and simpler laser welding working modes, and adapt to welding processes with complex process paths and high point arrangement requirements, a laser welding system based on collaborative robots was launched. This solution can lay the foundation for enterprises to realize standardized and automated welding operations, improve welding efficiency and weld quality, and reduce labor intensity. It can be used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, rail transit, pressure vessels, engineering machinery, aerospace, agricultural machinery and other industries.

#laserwelding #laserweldingmachine #cobotlaserweldingsystem

Program features:

The collaborative robot laser welding system has the following characteristics:

1. Safer: The collision detection function enables human-machine collaboration.

2. Wide application: maximum payload 20kg, working range 1.4m.

3. Easier to use: With TractionTeach programming, there are fewer restrictions on robot users.

4. Lightweight and space-saving: can be quickly deployed and redeployed to adapt to changes in the production line.

5. ESD anti-static: better meet the needs of specific industries.

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