Handheld  laser cleaning machine

Industrial Robot Laser Welding System

Six-axis linkage can complete any in space. The perfect combination of mechanical arm and fiber laser welding machine can meet the needs of various automatic production. It is widely used in automatic welding of kitchenware, bathroom, door handles and precision parts and hardware.
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The dual-station robot laser welding adopts a dual-station working platform, intelligent operation of the robot, and equipped with wobble welding head. It collimates the parallel light through a collimator and focuses on the workpiece to perform welding. Equipped with a simple universal instrument, it can weld precision parts that are difficult to access to large molds, and implement flexible transmission fee contact welding, which has greater flexibility in operability

  • Suitable for large format space welding robots intelligent, flexible and reliable, six-axis can be any spatial welding, welding is not limited to a plane.
  • Customers can be customized fixture according to production needs.
  • It can achieve duplex or station welding operation, saving product installation jig time and greatly improve production efficiency.
  • With the first domestic wobble welding head, its unique wedge vibration method makes the welding seam wider, making laser welding more widely used, and for larger workpieces.
  • Workpieces with wider weld seams can achieve high-efficiency and precise laser welding. And the weld quality is better than ordinary welding head. Weld surface is more smooth, beautiful,Better weld quality.
  • High repeatability, correct welding can be repeated, non-consumable, flexible manufacturing, low operating cost.
  • Some places can replace manual operation for some difficult welding space.
Model PES-W2000 PES-W3000
Laser power 2000W 3000W 6000W
Emission Wavelength(nm)
Modulation Frequency(Hz)
Total power <6.5kw <10kw
single side Penetration 3mm steel 5mm steel
8mm steel
2mm aluminum 3mm aluminum
5mm aluminum
Power Supply
Operation Mode
cooling method
Water cooling
Core Fiber(μm)
Delivery Cable Length(m)
Robot arm brand YASKAWA
Robot Working range 1400mm

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