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1500watt Portable Fiber Laser Welder

Welding is an innovative mounting technique that is used in all areas. While the technique itself is widespread, some of its processes are not yet as well known and underused. Laser welding falls into that category and, despite its false reputation as a complex process, offers many unparalleled advantages in terms of speed, technology and costs.
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  • The welding speed is 4-10 times faster than the traditional TIG/MIG welding
  • Easy to operate, no need welding work license, unskilled operator can also weld products beautifully
  • Can weld metal products of different materials and thicknesses
  • Low welding heat, no deformation of the workpiece
  • The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, which reduces the subsequent grinding process and saves time and cost.

Compare with Traditional Welding


The handheld laser welding machines for metals, equipped either with fourth generation wobble welding torch, greatly improving the joint strength and quality of welding and obtaining better weld formability.Handheld laser welding machine can do spot welding, straight seam welding, overlap welding, circumferential welding and welding of any track. Machine also equipped wirh automatic wire feeder. Compared with traditional argon arc welding, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

Replacing the old thermal welding systems with a hand-held type weld gun, not only facilitates the welding of molds, advertising characters, kitchen utensils, doors and windows, etc., but also makes laser welding possible in outdoor operations, the welding ability expands from small light workpieces to large bulky objects that are difficult to move, such as stainless steel silos, stainless steel spiral air ducts, chimney pipes, auto steel pig feeders, almost no size limitations, which indicates that the traditional welding of electric welding, argon arc welding, etc. will definitively be replaced by fiber laser welding.

Handheld laser welding machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed, and no consumables. It can be used for welding various metals sheets and tubes: such as stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates and CS plates, aluminum plates, brass plates, other metal sheets and tubes.

Traditional welding
Laser welding
Welding speed
4-10x faster
HeatAffected zone
Bond strength with base material
Subsequent processing
No or very little polish
Operation difficulty
Operator safety
Not safe
Impact on the environment
Welding fault tolerance
Pendular welding
Adjustable spot width
Welding quality contrast
Adjustable Welding mode
No Six Mode

PES-W1500 Laser Welding Capacity



Single side weld 


Double side weld


Wire weld

Sianless steel
4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Galvanized steel 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Mild steel 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Titanium alloy
4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Aluminum 3mm 6mm 2.8mm
Copper 1.5mm 3mm 1.3mm


  • High efficiency of electro-optic conversion
  • Resistance to high resistance
  • Output fiber length can be customized
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Wide modulation frequency range
       ------MORE DETAILS
  • With 6 kinds of spot modes (O, ●, 8, ◎, --, △)
  • The spot size can be adjusted from 0.2-5mm,
  • Simple operation, digital choice and adjustment with a fingertip
  • Can significantly improve welding efficiency. 
  • Can be equipped with automatic wire feeding device,
     ------MORE DETAILS

  • Built-in industry Chiller, No External Chiller Required
  • Built-in water temperature alarm function                   for safe production
  • Dual temperature and dual control

  • Automatic wire feeder for less than 1.6mm seam welding
  • Adjustable speed
  • Wire roll weight less than 15kg
  • Wire diameter 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6mm, Aluminum 1.2mm

Laser Beam 1500watt Raycus Continuous Wave Fiber Laser,Emission Wavelength 1080±5nm
Built-in Industrial Chiller(Purified water or distilled water)
Cable length Fiber cable lenght 10m, Operable cable length 8m
Weld Head Handheld Wobble welding head with six weld mode,one cutting mode,changeable nozzle for different welding processing
Wobble width Adjustable 0-5mm
Protection Gas Argon/Nitrogen           Pressure 5-10L/min
User Interface
For Laser Control:Power,Frequency,Duty cycle.  Motor control:working mode,Frequency,Spot width Gas control:Advance,Delay,Proportion
Language Chinese-English-Russian-Korean-Vietnamese
Safty Class 4 laser equipment,Machine with CE,FDA certificate. The machine comes with error alarm function,emergency stop,chiller alarm.
Power Requirement 220±10% V AC, 50/60Hz   CUSTOMIZATION
Operating Ambient Temperature(℃)  10~40
Humidity (%) 70
Dimensions(W×H×D) 700*1150*1200mm
Weight 250kg
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