Handheld  laser cleaning machine

1000watt Mini size laser welding machine

Lightweight, portable and easy to operate
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PES-W1000 Laser Welding Capacity



Single side weld 


Double side weld


Wire weld

Sianless steel
3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Galvanized steel 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Mild steel 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Titanium alloy
3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Aluminum 2mm 4mm 1.8mm
Copper 1mm 2mm 0.8mm

  • High efficiency of electro-optic conversion
  • Resistance to high resistance
  • Output fiber length can be customized
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Wide modulation frequency range
        ------MORE DETAILS
  • Line welding modes to meet different welding process
  • Adjustable welding width with wobble function to meet wider seams
  • The machine is equipped with auxiliary cutting function
  • The machine is equipped with auxiliary weld cleaning function
  • Adjustable laser power from 100watt to 1000watt for different thickness materials
     ------MORE DETAILS

  • Built-in industry Chiller, No External Chiller Required
  • Built-in water temperature alarm function for safe production
  • Dual temperature and dual control

     ------MORE DETAILS

  • Automatic wire feeder for less than 1.6mm seam welding
  • Adjustable speed
  • Wire roll weight less than 15kg
  • Wire diameter 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6mm, Aluminum 1.2mm

     ------MORE DETAILS

Laser Beam 1000watt Raycus Continuous Wave Fiber Laser,Emission Wavelength 1080±5nm
Built-in Industrial Chiller(Purified water or distilled water)
Cable length Fiber cable lenght 10m, Operable cable length 8m
Weld Head Handheld Wobble welding head with six weld mode,one cutting mode,changeable nozzle for different welding processing
Wobble width Adjustable 0-5mm
Protection Gas Argon/Nitrogen           Pressure 5-10L/min
User Interface
For Laser Control:Power,Frequency,Duty cycle.  Motor control:working mode,Frequency,Spot width Gas control:Advance,Delay,Proportion
Safty Class 4 laser equipment,Machine with CE,FDA certificate. The machine comes with error alarm function,emergency stop,chiller alarm.
Power Requirement
220±10% V AC, 50/60Hz   CUSTOMIZATION
Operating Ambient Temperature(℃) 
Humidity (%)
Weight 150kg
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