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The 6 modes of the 4th generation welding gun

Jun 10, 2021

Many customers are curious about what exactly are the 6 welding modes of the fourth-generation laser welding machine. Today we will discuss the welding mode of the 4th-generation welding gun. The welding gun can weld, cut, and clean the weld (small area). It can also be welded with welding wire to ensure welding quality.

First of all, lets take a look at the 6 welding modes.

Working Mode: 

                         Dot, Line, Circle, Double O, Triangle, Infinite.

1) ● mode: refers to the state when the motor does not swing and the spot is minimal.

Strong penetration, can be used for penetration welding, overlap welding or thick materials.

2)— mode: it means to swing a motor, connect the points into a line.

Can adjust the width of the mark, concentrate the energy density, also can have a certain penetration of the thick plate, the use of positive fillet welding.

3)mode: they are the welding of swinging 2 motors, forming the point into different beam shapes. Can adjust the diameter. Uniform ene6rgy density, obvious advantages of thin plate welding, the minimum 0.3mm materials, for the use of butt welding, Inner fillet welding.


The picture shows the appearance of the weld after 6 modes of welding.


Secondly, what are the benefits of laser welding equipment welding mode?

Welding modes of different shapes, that is, the beam wobbling according to the trajectory of the figure when welding, which is what we call wobbling welding.

Wobbling effectively increases the beam diameter during laser welding to increase the width of the weld while maintaining the high efficiency of deep keyhole welding. The increase in effective beam diameter occurs by superimposing movement of the laser beam in a linear or circular pattern onto the normal motion required to follow the weld joint.


Finally, hope you have a certain understanding of the welding mode and the laser welder through the above description.

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