Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The meaning of the buttons and parameters on the panel of the laser welding machine

Jun 15, 2021

Many customers who bought our laser welding machines before have feedback that they are a bit vague about the buttons and parameters on the control panel of the fiber laser welding machine.

Today, let me explain to you the meaning of the buttons and parameters on the panel of the laser welding machine.

The signal status is displayed on the control panel:


  • Control of laser switch. When in normal use, turn on FGAP button to connect laser light signal.(Connection of laser source will be cut down after 15 minutes of no working)


  • For gas control, install proportional valve, effective percentage control.


  • The display of the trigger button of welding head.
  • The WELDING button is on when the trigger button pressed by user.


  • lt is the indicating of loop signal of head to the metal.
  • When the gun head touches the metal plate which with alligator clip, the CONNECT button is on.This button is for protective of laser light. Short connection is prohibited.


  • Refers to the state of the laser head motor.
  • The light is on when the motor is normally connected, and when the motor is not working, the MOTOR button is off and the LCD screen of welding head shows the alarm signal E, it means the laser light signal is locked and the triggle button of welding is invalid.

Control section for screen of handheld laser welding machine:

1.Laser Control

  • Power(0-100%): Choose appropriate percentage according to different materials.
  • Frequency (50-30000HZ):The frequency is suggested at 3000-5000hz.
  • Duty Cycle(1-100%): According to the requirements of the welding surface

2. Motor Control

  • Working Mode:Dot, Line, Circle, Double O, Triangle, Infinite.
  • Frequency: Refers to the adjustable motor speed (2-46hzms), 1HZ=10 laps
  • Width: Mark size, (0.2-5mm) adjustable.

3. Gas Control

  • Gas advance//delay:It is recommended to set it around 150ms to protect the welding dust from polluting the protective lens.
  • Proportional valve:when the proportional valve is connected, the gas can be controlled 100% effectively.

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