Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The difference between the 4th generation and the 5th generation welding torch

Jun 17, 2021

With the advancement of science and technology, our company is also innovating and constantly developing new fiber welding machine to meet the needs of the market. According to the needs of customers, new improvements have been made to the welding torch.

Let us first get familiar with the advantages of the fifth-generation welding gun.

Basic features: the self-developed control system with multiple safety alarms is smaller in size, flexible in operation and easy to get started.

More stable: since all parameters are visible, the whole machine state can be monitored in real time, problems can be avoided in advance and also can be checked and solved more conveniently, ensuring the stable work of the plumb joint.

Technology: since all parameters are visible, the welding quality is perfect, the deformation is small, and the penetration is high.

Stable parameters and high repeatability: with a defined air pressure of nozzle and lens state, the technology parameters must be repeatable as long as the laser power is stable. This greatly improves efficiency and also reduces operator requirements.

The 4th generation welding gun of the laser welding machine has 6 welding mode, and can cut and clean welds. It has many functions, there are many precision optical components in it, which should be handled with care.

The 5th generation welding gun can weld,cut and cleaning welds.but it doesn't have 6 mode. It is lighter, the welding is smoother, and the use effect is better.

Summary: These two welding guns of the handheld welding machine have their own advantages, you can choose according to your needs.

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