Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

How to use the handheld laser welding machine correctly

Jun 22, 2021

Preparation before starting

  • Check power supply
  • Check PE cable of the machine is completely grounded
  • Check the machine is connected to protective gas(Argon or nitrogen)
  • The new laser welding machine needs to add distilled water or pure water, check the water level of the chiller meets the requirements

About the operator

  • 1.PPE such as laser protective glasses and gloves are required during operation
  • 2. Do not stand in front of the welding torch during work to avoid accidents

Boot steps

  • Turn on the shielding gas
  • Turn on the main power switch
  • Turn on the emergency stop button
  • Turn on the system power on panel
  • Turn on the chiller power on panel(Need to check the internal power of the chiller is turned on)
  • Wait for the temperature of the chiller to reach the preset temperature, turn on the laser power on the panel,turn key on laser source to REM(Raycus laser does not need to press the START button) or ROBOT(JPT laser needs to press the START button)

  • Turn on blow button and laser out button on screen


  • In the process of operating the laser welding equipment, if you encounter an emergency (water leakage, abnormal laser sound, etc), you need to press the emergency stop immediately and quickly cut off the power;   
  • The external circulating water switch of the laser welding machine must be turned on before operation;
  • Because the laser system adopts water cooling method and the laser power supply adopts air cooling method, if the cooling system fails, it is strictly forbidden to start working;  
  • Do not disassemble any parts of the machine at will, do not weld when the safety door of the machine is open, and it is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser or reflect the laser while the laser is working, and use your eyes to face the laser welding head to avoid eye injury;
  • Do not place flammable and explosive materials on the laser light path or the place where the laser beam can be irradiated, so as to avoid fire and explosion;
  • When the machine is working, the circuit is in a state of high voltage and high current. It is strictly forbidden to touch the circuit components in the machine while working;
  • It is forbidden to operate this machine by untrained personnel.

After reading the above content, do you have a certain understanding of the handheld laser welding machine? We must pay more attention when using it, only in this way can we make better use of the equipment and bring us economic benefits.

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