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Maintenance of fiber laser chiller in summer

Jun 24, 2021

In our daily work, it will inevitably produce dust. The water in the fiber laser chiller will also produce impurities, which will affect the work of the fiber welder. The working scene of the fiber laser chiller is very harsh. In order to ensure the good performance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the laser welding equipment, the equipment needs to be maintained. The frequency of maintenance is once a week. Maintenance work includes but is not limited to the following aspects of work.

Check the condenser, check whether the air duct is blocked by foreign matter, and whether the air inlet and outlet around the equipment is unblocked;

Clean the condenser and dust-proof net;

Check whether the cooling medium has foreign matter, whether it breeds microorganisms, etc. Generally, the cooling medium should be replaced within 15-20 days. The cooling medium must be pure water, distilled water or high-purity water;

Check whether the water connection is loose and the water pump is leaking;

Check the water tank and clean up the dirt deposited inside the water tank;

Correctly set the water temperature: click here to jump to the water temperature adjustment

How to clean the condenser, the method is as follows:

1) Open the side cover of the fiber laser welding machine.

2) Remove the baffle screws of the side cover of the water tank.

(The screws in the red area can be removed directly, and the screws in the yellow area need to be removed after the front panel is slightly pulled out and then removed).

3) The picture after removal is as follows:

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