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16 Details of Safe Operation of Welding Head

Jun 29, 2021

Our handheld fiber laser welding machines are currently sold in more than 50 countries. When dealing with customer after-sales problems, we found that the welding gun equipped with 1500 Watts laser welding machine is always used improperly by customers.

Here I summarize some details of the safe operation of the welding gun:

1. Our welding gun has many optical components, which need to be handled with care when in use. Protect its important parts and keep it clean.

2.When welding, keep the welding gun and the workpiece at an angle of 30-70°,do not operate vertically.

3.Gas must be supplied when welding. Otherwise, the electrical components of the welding torch will be burned.

4.When welding samples of different materials, the focal length needs to be adjusted.

5.The copper nozzle of the welding gun can touch the sample or hang in the air for welding, but the focal length needs to be adjusted.

6.If you find that the laser becomes weak during welding and cannot be welded, stop welding and check that the protective lens is dirty or burned.

7. It is best not to let molten slag fall into the welding torch during welding, as this will stain the protective lens and burn the focusing lens inside.

8. The optical lens in the double pendulum welding joint includes a collimating lens, a focusing lens and a protective lens. The protective lens is a consumable item and requires regular inspection and replacement. The collimating lens and focusing lens are generally not easily damaged. If the welding torch is used incorrectly, these can be damaged.

9.Pay attention to check whether each plug is loose (for example, aviation plug).

10.Please pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment when installing QBH,turn off the fan, no flying dust is allowed, QBH must be wiped clean before inserting into the gun body, otherwise it will burn the collimating lens!

11.The cable of the welding torch cannot be bent or stepped on.

12.Please do not damage the label and remove the lid of the welding gun, otherwise the company will not guarantee any damage to the product!

13.Please do not look directly at the welding head outlet, and you must wear professional laser glasses during the operation!

14.Continuous power interruption will cause damage to the welding control system, please provide continuous and reliable power supply!

15.The external safety lock is 24V high level. Please do not make short connection with the GND shell of the aviation plug of the system sheath, or pay no attention to the collision during installation, otherwise the short circuit may burn the power supply or the main control board.

After butt with the aviation plug, the insulation tape shall be used to wrap the insulation.

16. The control circuit should pay attention to the fact that 24V input and 15V input must be supplied to the welding system at the same time, otherwise the signal transmission error may be caused.

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