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How to use the chiller in the laser welding machine correctly

Jul 01, 2021

Today we will learn how to use the water chiller in the laser welding machine.

When using the chiller of the fiber welder for the first time, you need to add pure water or distilled water to the chiller. If the weather temperature is lower than 4-5°or lower, industrial alcohol should be added. The ratio of water to alcohol is 4:1,It is recommended not to turn off the machine at night to avoid freezing in the water way, causing damage to the machine or freezing and cracking of parts. The temperature rises, we must drain the water and replace it with distilled or purified water.

Water should be added to the line between the green and yellow areas, as shown in the figure below:

After the water chiller in the fiber welding machine has been running for a period of time, screw on the cover of the exhaust hole. Prevent water from overflowing from the filling port. (Just press the system button and the water cooler button, not the laser source button).

After the chiller is started, the liquid circulation can be seen from the water pipeline. After the liquid is circulated for a while, press the laser button to enter the laser. The power indicator lights up in green and enters the welding standby state.

Daily maintenance of water chiller:

1)Check wind filter on chiller.keep ventilation

2)Check the water level of the water tank and replenish it in time

3)Change water each 30-45days

4)If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to drain the water in the water cooler to avoid damage to the laser

5) Regularly check the power supply voltage



Cold water:28℃

Warm water:30℃


Cold water:22℃

Warm water:22℃

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