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Daily maintenance of the chiller of the laser welding machine in winter

Feb 25, 2022

Liquids have a "freezing point". When the temperature of the liquid is below the "freezing point" temperature, it will solidify to form a solid, and the volume of the liquid will increase during the solidification process, thereby "breaking" the pipe or otherwise damaging the sealed connection.

Our handheld welding machine needs to add distilled water or pure water to the chiller as the cooling liquid.

In order to avoid their solidification causing damage to the laser, output head and water cooler of the laser welding machine, we provide the following solutions.

1. If there is absolutely no power outage in the local area, you can only turn on the water cooler at night and adjust the water temperature to 5~10°C to ensure that the coolant is in circulation and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

2. After every day of use, please drain the coolant from the hand laser welding machine every day.

3. Use antifreeze as coolant

Antifreeze must be used when the environment has frequent power outages and there are no conditions to drain the coolant on a daily basis. The base fluid of antifreeze usually consists of alcohol and water. It requires high boiling and flash points, high specific heat and electrical conductivity.

It has low viscosity at low temperature, is not easy to foam, and does not corrode metal parts and rubber hoses.

a. Use ethanol as a short-term antifreeze:

If the power is off and the cooling water cannot be drained, a temporary short-term antifreeze is required. Ethanol (alcohol) can be added to deionized or purified water. The capacity must not exceed 40% of the tank. Since ethanol is very corrosive, it will corrode grease, paint, rubber parts as well as metal. Therefore, they cannot be used for a long time. They must be drained and washed with purified or distilled water within a week.

b. Use a professional antifreeze brand:

The CLARIANT brand is recommended. There are two types of antifreeze for laser machines:

1) AntifrogenN glycol water type (industrial product, toxic to humans)

2) AntifrogenL propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human body)

Note: No antifreeze can completely replace purified or distilled water and cannot be used for long periods of time throughout the year. After winter, the pipes must be cleaned with pure or distilled water, and pure or distilled water should be used as the cooling fluid.

If conditions permit, we still recommend improving the electrical environment, keeping the water cooler at a temperature of 5~10°C, or upgrading the design of the cooling water channel to make daily coolant discharge simple and fast.

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