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The features of the cooling system of the laser welding machine

Feb 15, 2022

At present, the cooling system of handheld laser welding machine mainly includes water cooling, air cooling and water cooling&air cooling integrated system. Among them, water cooling is the most widely used.

Laser chiller is an individual application of industrial refrigerators to the laser industry. It is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure.

The working principle of laser chiller is to first inject a certain amount of water into the water tank in the machine, cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, and then send the low-temperature cooling water to the equipment to be cooled by the water pump, and the chiller cooling water will take away the heat. After the temperature rises, it returns to the water tank to achieve cooling. Its features are:

1. Laser welding machine chillers generally have filters, which can effectively filter out obvious particulate impurities in the water, keep the laser pump cavity clean and prevent the possibility of water blocking.

2. The chiller uses pure water or distilled water, which is more conducive to the direct entry of the pump light source into the laser material, which can produce a better laser mode.

3. Laser welding machine chillers are generally equipped with water pressure gauges, which can clearly know what the water pressure in the laser waterway is.

4. The chiller adopts imported compressor, the water tank and water pump are made of stainless steel, and the heat transfer coil is also made of stainless steel, which can completely ensure the stable operation of the chiller.The cooling effect is very good, and the temperature accuracy can be within 1 °C (the smaller the controlled temperature, the less the laser is affected by the temperature).

5.The chillers of laser welding machines are generally powered by 220V household electricity instead of 380V three-phase electricity, which is more conducive to the versatility of the equipment.

6. The chiller has flow protection. When the water flow is less than the set value, there is a signal alarm, which can be used to protect the laser and related devices to be dissipated.

7. The chiller of fiber laser welding machine has temperature protection. If the temperature is not suitable, a signal alarm will also appear.

8. There is also a water level alarm.

9. There are also a series of adjustment functions for the chiller, temperature adjustment, temperature difference adjustment, etc.

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