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The difference between the two laser cleaning machines

Aug 27, 2021

For emerging laser cleaning applications, two types of laser cleaning equipment using pulsed and continuous lasers have appeared on the market. Many industrial end users do not know how to choose. PES laser has conducted comparative tests on continuous laser cleaning machine and pulsed laser cleaning machine applications, and analyzed their respective characteristics and applicable application scenarios, hoping to provide a useful reference for industrial users when choosing the corresponding laser cleaning technology.

Two laser cleaner were used to carry out paint removal experiments on the surface of two materials, one is aluminum alloy surface, the other is carbon steel surface. The laser cleaning parameters were optimized to obtain the best pulse width, frequency, scanning speed and other parameters, and the cleaning effect and efficiency under the optimized experimental conditions were compared.


Pulse laser cleaning paint experiment

Figure 1: Comparison of the pulsed laser cleaning aluminum alloy surface paint layer under different laser parameters.


The experimental results show that the short pulse width is easier to remove the surface paint of aluminum alloy and carbon steel than the long pulse width under the same frequency. Under the same pulse width, the lower the frequency, the easier it is to damage the substrate. When the frequency is greater than a certain value When the frequency is higher, the paint removal effect is worse.


Continuous laser cleaning paint experiment

Figure 2: Comparison of continuous laser cleaning carbon steel surface paint layer under different laser parameters.


The experimental results show that the lower the scanning speed under the same laser power and frequency, the greater the damage to the substrate. When the scanning speed is greater than a certain value, the faster the scanning speed, the worse the paint removal effect.


After reading the cleaning results of the two handheld fiber laser cleaning machines, next time we will compare the results of the two under the microscope view.

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