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The development direction of continuous laser welding machine

Aug 24, 2021

Continuous laser welding machines are widely used in many industries because they can continuously perform welding for 24 hours. When using this kind of laser welding equipment in the factory, some safety problems will be encountered. Due to improper operation of some welders, the laser beam generated by the continuous laser welding machine directly irradiates the human skin, causing burns. In order to avoid similar accidents, the safety of the equipment must be improved.

People can improve the safety of the handheld laser welding machine by increasing the degree of automation. According to people's experience in laser welding, safety problems are more likely to occur when loading and unloading materials. When using manual loading and unloading operations, people may not be able to withdraw their hands during loading due to fatigue or other reasons. At this time, the laser beam will directly touch the skin and cause burns. This safety problem can be solved if the robot arm is replaced by the human.

Through the use of visual recognition technology and automatic control technology, the speed and time of each movement of the robotic arm can be ensured, and there will be no shortage of materials. Even if the continuous laser welding machine operates continuously for 24 hours, the robot arm will not suffer from burns and other problems, and the safety performance is very high.

When designing a continuous laser welding equipment, it is necessary to design an emergency stop button. When an accident occurs, the emergency button can be activated immediately to stop the laser emission and welding work, reducing the injury caused by the accident.If you unplug the power directly, it may cause problems such as system disorder in the continuous laser welding machine, and the equipment will not be damaged if the emergency stop button is activated.

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