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The advantages of laser welding compared with MIG or TIG welding

Apr 29, 2021

What is the difference between laser welding and MIG or TIG welding? What are the advantages of laser welding equipment? These are two questions that I get asked by customers frequently.

I believe that many customers are using or have used MIG or TIG welding equipment, but they dont know much about laser welding machines.

Today I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of our laser welding machine compared to MIG and TIG welding?


- Advantages:

1. It can weld thinner metals. MIG and TIG welding cant weld metal sheets below 1mm.

2. Higher accuracy of laser welding. It is suitable for precision welding or industrial welding.

3. The surface after welding is particularly smooth and does not require cleaning.

5. Laser welder has fast welding speed.

6. There is no need to use any consumables when welding, which saves costs.

7. The operation of laser welding machine is much less difficult than MIG and TIG. In fact MIG and TIG are easy to make mistakes, but our machine is easy to operate, even if there is a mistake, the problem is not big.

- Disadvantages:

1, The only shortcoming is that it is more expensive than MIG or TIG welding machines.


To sum up, the advantages of laser welding are huge in welding thin metal and precise welding. Although the price of laser welding machine is a bit higher, it welds fast, does not require consumables, and the weld seam is particularly smooth without subsequent processing. These aspects also save time and manpower.

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