Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Maintenance and replacement method of protective lens in welding torch

Sep 28, 2021

The handheld fiber laser welding machine is connected to the laser head by a 10-meter-long imported optical fiber. The welding gun is composed of many optical components, and we found that the protective lens plays an important role in the use of the fiber laser welding machine. When the protective lens is dirty or damaged, the laser welding machine handheld cannot be used normally. And if you continue to use it at this time, it will cause the other lenses in the welding torch to be burned out one by one, and eventually the welding torch will be completely scrapped. We often remind customers to check and replace the protective lens regularly.

So today I will talk to you about the maintenance and replacement of protective lenses.

1.The processing characteristics of laser welding requires regular maintenance of the lens.lf the welding is found to be poor,check the protective lens. If the protective lens is dirty, itneeds to be replaced in time.

2.The cleaning technique of the lenses is extremely important, poor cleaning can lead to degradation of the lens performance in light cases and damage to the lenses in heavy cases.Therefore, it is important to be very careful when cleaning the lenses.

3.Before operation, wash and dry your hands with detergent, and wipe your hands dry again with a cotton sticky with alcohol.

4.Before cleaning, prepare a blow-up balloon (leather tiger), a set of clocks and watches,a set of dustproof non-stick tape,anhydrous degreasing cotton (fine cotton),more than 99%industrial alcohol, finger gloves or rubber gloves, and mirror paper.

5.Remove the cover screw of protective mirror in a relatively dust-free place, pull out the support of protective mirror, and check the protective lens. If the protective mirror is polluted, itmust be wiped clean with absolute alcohol.(If there is obvious burning point on the surface of the protective lens, it should be replaced directly.)

6.Then check the white power storage sealing ring under the protective lens.(If there is any scratch or deformation of the power storage sealing ring, it cannot be used, and it must be replaced immediately.)

7.Wipe the bin opening and the inside of the bin cover with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol,quickly insert the protective mirror bracket into the protective mirror bin, and lock the screws.

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