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Is there any risk of radiation from the laser welder

May 13, 2021

Is there any risk of radiation from the laser welder? This is also a question that many customers have asked me. Safety is of course the first important thing we consider for customers. Today we will discuss the radiation problem during the use of laser welding.

Does laser welding emits radiation?

The answer is YES. This series of lasers are classified as a high power Class 4 laser instrument according to the European Community standards EN 60825-1, clause 9. This product emits invisible laser radiation at or around a wavelength of 1080 nm, and the total light power radiated from the optical output is greater than 1500W~2000W (depending on model).

Does the radiation emits by laser welding machine cause harm to the human body?

To discuss this issue, we have to talk about the two types of radiation. One is ionizing radiation, and the other is non-ionizing radiation.

"Ionizing radiation" is a very high frequency electromagnetic wave (X-ray and γ-ray), which has enough photon energy to replace the DNA chemical bond in the cell's genetic material molecule, that is, ionization occurs.

"Non-ionizing radiation" is a general term for the frequency and energy equivalent parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It means that the photon energy in this frequency range is too weak to break the chemical bonds between cell molecules. They include ultraviolet (UV) radiation and visible light waves, infrared waves, radio frequency and microwaves, as well as poles and static wavelengths and magnetic fields. No matter how high the intensity of "non-ionizing radiation" is, it cannot cause ionization in biological systems.

Everyone knows that the laser emitted by industrial laser equipment belongs to the infrared dual type, which is the "non-ionizing radiation" type.

If you wear protective gloves and protective glasses properly, you can effectively prevent the radiating damage to the body from laser welding machine.

Summary: The electronic products that everyone uses oftenly have radiation to the human body, which is harmful in theory. The radiation of the laser welding machine will not be greater than that of the computer or mobile phone. Although it is not harmful, it is necessary to avoid staring at the strong light when working to avoid hurting the eyes!

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