Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Common problems when using handheld laser welding machine 2

Nov 02, 2021

Handheld fiber laser welding machine adopts continuous laser source, and is equipped with self-developed hand-held welding head. In terms of shape, structure and human-machine interface, it is optimized based on humanization and work effectiveness.

The fiber laser welding head adopts water-cooled design, so it won't get over-heated during welding, small diameter, easy for hand-holding.

However, if the welding head is used improperly, it will get over-heated during welding, and the copper nozzle will get hot. Today we will talk about what to do if the copper nozzle is hot.

1.Reason analysis

During the welding process of the portable laser welding machine, there is heat spreading to the copper nozzle to damage it. The processing process should first analyze the heat source, the lens astigmatism, red light polarization, or the heat conduction of the external material


Before handling problems, make sure:

①The red light is in the middle (if the light is deflected, it will cause the light to hit the copper mouth)

②Appropriate scanning width (usually within 5, usually set to 3)

③The focal point is 0 focus (the scale tube is 0)

1. First of all, you need to emit light from a long distance to the ground. Check whether the copper nozzle is hot. If it is not hot, it means that the lens is fine, there is no astigmatism, and the damaged lens needs to be replaced if it is hot.

2. If the welding copper nozzle becomes hot under the above normal conditions, it means that the material conducts heat during welding. In the actual use process, the outer corner copper nozzle is more likely to be damaged than the inner corner, and the copper nozzles composed of red copper can be used.

3. The welding technique also affects the hotness of the copper nozzle,try to keep the welding head and material at 45°∠.

4. The handheld laser welder is used to weld high-reflection materials such as aluminum plates, and the copper nozzle may become hot. This is an uncontrollable factor.

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