Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Advantages of 4-axis laser welding machine 2

Nov 30, 2021

As manufacturers have higher requirements for work efficiency, in order to meet their needs, we have been continuously providing them with various models and types of laser welding machines, so 4-axis automatic laser welding machines came into being.

4 Axis Automatic fiber laser welding machine is consist of welding body, welding working table, water chiller and controller system etc. This series of equipment is 3-5 times of the speed than the traditional optical fiber transmission laser welding machine.It can be precisely controlled, small focus spot, high positioning accuracy, easy to automatic.

This laser welding machine uses an automatic platform, a rotating table and an automatic lifting laser beam. Based on the software of the laser welding machine, it can be modified freely, and the operation is very simple.

  • The X, Y, Z, and D axes of the welded workpiece are driven by stepping, which meets the needs of large strokes;
  • High positioning repeatability;
  • Can weld any trajectory such as points, straight lines, circles, ellipses and squares;
  • High-power laser power supply to meet 24 hours mass production;
  • A four-axis linkage control system tailored specifically for laser welding, stable performance and easy to use.

Due to the many advantages of the fully automatic laser welding equipment, its application range is also very wide, which provides great convenience for many customers engaged in the welding industry. This kind of automatic laser welding machine is mainly used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mechanical processing industry, and hardware industry. The products it processes include water cups, sensors, diodes, and electrical accessories.

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