Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Common problems when using handheld laser welding machine 1

Oct 19, 2021

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine is a new type high-power, high-end continuous welding tool which adopts a high-quality fiber laser source to produce a fiber optic beam.

In dealing with after-sales problems, we found that the welding head of the laser welding machine is easily damaged due to improper operation, and the protective lens in the welding head is the first lens that is most easily damaged. Today we will talk about some details of protecting lenses.

1. Performance

In a short period of time, the protective lens is damaged and there are burning spots, and the light-emitting surface of the protective lens is slightly damaged, showing black or white black spots

2. Reason analysis

Due to the influence of crafts/manipulations/settings, etc., it is rare to cause anti-slag and damage to the protective lens, and it is rare that the lens is damaged due to abnormal laser light.

3. Solution

① Increase the air pressure appropriately. Normally, the flow rate is not less than 15 and the pressure is not less than 4. It is recommended to use an oxygen pressure gauge not less than 3 kg.

②When handheld laser welder is in use, try to make the welding gun and the plate be welded at 45°, and do not weld vertically.

③Slow rise and fall as much as possible when setting parameters, such as on/off gas delay 200-500ms, on/off light power 20%, on/off light progressive time 200-300ms.

④ When welding aluminum and galvanized sheets, this material will damage the protective lens more easily than other materials, and the minimum power should be used for welding.

⑤The quality of the protective lens also determines its durability. It is generally recommended to use the original lens.

⑥Welding under high power, compared with low power, the loss rate of the lens will increase, which is an uncontrollable range.

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