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Welding defects of laser welding machine

Jan 11, 2022

In the welding process of laser welding machines, due to improper selection of welding materials, welding environment, welding process, etc., it is easy to produce welding defects. The occurrence of welding defects not only affects the beauty of the welded parts, but also affects the use of laser welded parts. So, how are the defects generated when the laser welding machine welds?

1. Welding cracks

Welding hot cracks refer to the cracks that occur when the metal in the weld and heat affected zone cools to a high temperature region near the solidus during the welding process. Generally, it can be divided into high temperature cracks and low temperature cracks. In the laser welding process, due to the small heat input of the laser, the welding deformation is small and the stress generated by the welding is also small, so generally no high temperature cracks will occur. However, due to different materials and improper selection of process parameters, high temperature cracks sometimes occur. The cracks generated when the temperature of high-strength steel and low-alloy steel is below the Ms point or below 300 °C during the welding process are called low temperature cracks.

2. Defects in appearance of welds

In the laser welding process, the appearance and shape of the weld is very important to improve the quality of structural parts and components. Therefore, in the laser welding process, it is necessary to control the shape of the weld. The common appearance defects in the laser welding process are: weld buildup, undercut, concave and sag of the weld, interruption or uneven thickness of the weld, uneven weld height, pores on the weld surface, and weld flashes.

The handheld welding machine is a green and energy-saving laser welding equipment. Compared with the traditional welding machine, it has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small heat affected zone and smooth welding surface. However, if the hand laser welding machine is used improperly, there will still be welding defects, which also reminds us that when using it, it is also necessary to follow the welding process and operate it reasonably, so as to have a good welding effect.

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