Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Introduction of wire feeder for laser welding machine

Jul 22, 2021

PES laser has always insisted on providing customers with better service and the most advanced laser welding equipment. For the convenience of customers and better welding results, we recently launched the fifth generation of welding torches. At the same time, we have also made improvements to the wire feeder, hoping that it will be more convenient and faster for customers. Next, I will introduce to you how our new wire feeder should be installed and used.


1. Installation of wire reel

A, The welding wire is ordinary welding wire, and the common ones can be installed from 5KG-30KG.


B,Use tools to adjust the tightness of the roller, so that it is not too loose or too tight, and it can be adjusted until the wire feeder is not stuck (normally it is not necessary to adjust).


C, cover the cap after adjustment


2, The installation of the wire feed wheel

A. There are two wire feed wheels. The two sides are of different models and correspond to different core diameters. They must be installed accordingly. For example, if 1.2 welding wire is installed, the side marked 1.2 is on the outside.


B. When installing, the welding wire must be clamped in the slot and then clamped.


3. Installation of wire feeding tube

A. After putting the wire into the wire feeding tube, insert it to the right position. Too short may cause wire jamming, and then tighten the screw.


B. When installing the wire feeding tube, first remove the copper nozzle at the end and match the corresponding copper nozzle.

Today we learned together how to install the wire feeder in the laser welding system. Next time I will show you how to use the wire feeder through the control panel.


PES will continue to improve the handheld laser welding machine to provide customers with more advanced technology.

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