Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Introduction of the 5th generation welding gun 1

Dec 21, 2021

The laser welding machine is generally composed of laser, chiller, control software, laser welding head, optical fiber and other components.

The handheld laser welding machine is equipped with a self-developed wobble welding head. The hand-held welding head is light and flexible, convenient and easy to operate, which can meet the welding of various angles and positions.

Product Features

1.Basic features

The self-developed control system with multiple safety alarms is smaller in size, flexible in operation and easy to get started.

2.More stable

Since all parameters are visible, the whole machine state can be monitored in real time, problems can be avoided in advance and also can be checked and solved more conveniently, ensuring the stable work of the plumb joint.


Since all parameters are visible, the welding quality is perfect, the deformation is small, and the penetration is high.

4.Stable parameters and high repeatability

With a defined air pressure of nozzle and lens state, the technology parameters must be repeatable as long as the laser power is stable. This greatly improves efficiency and also reduces operator requirements.

Note the Information

1) Ensure reliable grounding before power supply.

2) The laser delivery is connected to the plumb joint. Please check it carefully to prevent dust or other contamination, and use special lens paper when cleaning it.

3) If the laser welding equipment is not used according to the method specified in this manual, it may be in abnormal working condition and cause damage.

4) When replacing the protective glasses, please ensure proper protection.

5) Attention please: for the first time, when the red light cannot come out of the copper nozzle, the light must not come out.

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