Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Details of the maintenance of the handheld welding machine

Aug 10, 2021

Our hand laser welding machine can normally be used for 6-7 years. If you pay attention to some points, the fiber laser welder can be used for a longer time.

1. Good grounding conditions

Hand-held welding machines are equipped with automatic safety protection devices. In order to protect the personal and property safety of customers, we strongly require customers to provide good grounding conditions for the equipment. At the same time, the laser power supply and welding control system are all digitally controlled by industrial microprocessors.Only when the machine has good grounding conditions can it guarantee its normal and stable operation.

2. Small voltage fluctuation

The voltage fluctuation should not be too large, and the voltage fluctuation should not exceed 5% of the standard voltage. When it exceeds 10%, the device may not work normally and will reduce the stability of operation. If the local voltage is unstable, we recommend that the customer equip the machine with a voltage stabilizer.

3. Environmental requirements

a. Anti-vibration: Because the optical path of the laser welding machine is very accurate, if the working field of the laser welding machine is vibrated, it will easily cause the optical device to move, so that the laser output will become weak, the quality of the spot will deteriorate, and there will be no laser output problems. , In the workplace of laser equipment, special attention must be paid to the installation location of the equipment not close to the roadside, bridge side, or nearby heavy processing equipment such as punching, milling machines, lathes, planers, etc. If it must be in such an environment, it is necessary Take adequate measures to prevent and reduce vibration.

b. Reduce dust

Since laser welding machines has many optical components and precision electronic components, it needs to be installed in a dust-free environment

c. Ambient temperature (10-35℃)

When the device is running, the ambient temperature should not exceed the body temperature. Because the power of the laser power supply is very high, some power devices need to be released in time when the heat is running, and the ambient temperature is too high to cause normal heat dissipation, which will cause the entire system to be unstable. Even damaged. It is strongly required not to use the equipment outdoors or in low-temperature freezing conditions, otherwise the equipment may be easily damaged.

d. Environmental humidity (not higher than 70%)

When the environmental humidity is too high, the cooling water is usually lower than room temperature, and the temperature of the laser is lower than room temperature. At this time, water mist will condense on both ends of the laser, which will greatly reduce the output energy of the laser. The water attached to the surface of the laser will leave traces on the surface of the laser source after drying, which will greatly accelerate the aging of the surface of the laser source.

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