Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Application advantages of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

Jun 07, 2022

As a common raw material for industrial products, aluminum alloy products are now widely used, especially in automobile manufacturing, such as engines, wheels, instrument panels, etc. They involve welding and cutting. Due to the outstanding performance of the laser welding machine, it not only improves the processing efficiency, but also has a good welding effect, which helps to improve the technological level of the industry.

The laser welding machine realizes its function through a continuous laser beam. When the laser beam directly irradiates the surface of the aluminum alloy, the heat of the metal surface can be rapidly diffused into the interior of the aluminum alloy, so that the aluminum alloy can be rapidly melted to form a weld.

Application advantages of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products:

1. High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat-affected zone and large penetration depth;

2. The cooling rate is high to obtain a fine weld structure, and the joint performance is good;

3. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding does not use electrodes, so it reduces labor hours and costs;

4. The vacuum atmosphere during electron beam welding is not required, and the protective gas and pressure can be selected. The shape of the welded workpiece is not affected by electromagnetics and does not generate X-rays;

5. It can weld metal materials inside closed transparent objects;

6. The laser can be transmitted by optical fiber for long distance, so that the process adaptability is good. With the computer and manipulator, the automation and precise control of the welding process can be realized.

With the improvement of the popularization level of the application of laser processing, the use of handheld laser welding machine to weld aluminum alloy products, the heat input is small and the heat source is concentrated, especially after the advent of the fiber laser welding machine, the energy density of laser welding is more concentrated, and the laser wavelength is more Short, high reflections are improved. Through laser wire filler welding, laser-MIG hybrid welding, dual-spot laser welding and other processes, the forming effect of aluminum alloy welding can be significantly improved, and the welding quality is improved.

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