Portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Advantages of handheld laser welding machine and applicable industrial scenarios

Jun 22, 2022

PES laser welding machine is realized by continuous laser beam, which uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation diffuses into the interior of the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool.

What are the advantages of laser welding machine?

In various types and scales of welding production practice, PES laser welding machines have specialized functions, which ensure the basis of practical operation, and have the advantages of improving practical application and ensuring high standards of professionalism and practicability. Especially fundamentally, the PES laser welding machine has a portable design, which requires a higher professional level for the application of production practice. The features of practical functions and flexible operation are particularly important.

What industrial scenarios is handheld laser welding machine suitable for?

1. Battery industry

In the power battery production process, from cell manufacturing to PACK assembly, welding is a very important manufacturing process. When welding between various materials is required, multi-dimensional laser welding machines can perfectly utilize the excellent directionality of the laser beam and the portable operation process. Aesthetically pleasing lithium and aluminum batteries can be welded efficiently and environmentally.

2. Automobile manufacturing

Hardware laser welding machines are the most frequently used in the automotive industry, especially now that all kinds of automobiles are manufactured on a large scale. In order to highlight the quality of automobile products, it is difficult for ordinary welding to meet high-quality needs, such as many Laser welding is required when assembling steel plate components, and laser welding and cutting processes are also used in body panels. High-speed hardware laser welding can effectively eliminate welding hot cracks and the generation of various welds, allowing the entire body frame to pass through. Laser welding can be more stable and durable.

3. Mould and machinery manufacturing

The most typical example of the application of laser welding in the mold industry is the mold repair laser welding machine. Due to the obvious advantages of non-contact processing, laser processing is especially suitable for molds and high-precision machinery manufacturing industries, such as plastic molds, rubber molds, stamping molds, casting molds, etc.

4. Powder metallurgy field

Nowadays, many smelting and casting manufacturing industries also need hardware laser welding machines to help with special processing, mainly the connection between powder metallurgy materials and other parts. In order to weld metallurgical materials with other materials more quickly, It is necessary to use the most advanced hardware laser welding machine to quickly achieve bonding and welding, because the use of laser welding can improve the strength and high temperature resistance of welding.

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