Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Welding head problem: Safe lock or trigger button signal is always closed

Jan 12, 2023

This document applies to the following problem manifestations:

1. When the trigger is not pulled, the trigger signal is always on.

2. When the safe lock does not touch the workpiece, the safe lock is always on.

3. When there is no above actions, the light will be automatically emitted.

The analysis of causes and solutions:

By unplugging the signal pin of the signal interface one, if there is a [Safe Lock Signal] and [Trigger Button Signal] with one or both lights, replace the main control board directly.

If you unplugging them and it is not lit, it means that the line is short-circuited. In this situation, please measure the corresponding on-off by the multimeter. The specific circuit logic can be referred to as the safe lockandtrigger button.

Root causes:

Since the main function of the device is that the protection voltage is too large, and that will lead to the internal device of the motherboard is burned out and the voltage here will not exceed the supply voltage. Therefore, it is likely that the customer's on-site environment leads to strong static electricity or instantaneous high voltage to break through it.

Recommendations and improvements:

1.It is recommended that the customers keep the welding platform a good grounded connection and the machine shell a good grounded connection. If it is necessary, please dig the pile separately.

2.The welding torch should be placed in the designated position when not in use, do not place it arbitrarily.

3.Wearing static protective equipment has a certain protective effect on individuals and machines.

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